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The 3 most important things to remember as a parent when doing a newborn photo shoot at home

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The most important thing to remember when doing a newborn photo shoot, is to keep the newborn baby safe and happy

When doing a recent newborn photography photo shoot, I came to realize that the most important thing to remember when doing a newborn photo shoot is to ensure that the baby is happy and comfortable.

My 3 most important tips I give any parent when doing a newborn baby photo shoot on location at their home, are the following:

  •  Remember to feed the newborn baby at least an hour or two hours before the photo shoot. This will allow for any cramps to have been sorted out before the photo shoot starts. This should also assist in having a nice sleepy little one, giving you ample time to do an awesome newborn photo shoot.
  • Ensure that the room where the baby will be photographed is warm enough to allow for the baby to be undressed during the photo shoot. If the room is to cold or to hot, the baby will be very uncomfortable during the photo shoot, making it more difficult to get those awesome baby photos every one loves. A small heater would do wonders to ensure the baby is kept warm and happy during the photo shoot
  • Relax. The parents must know they can relax at all times and that the baby comes first. If the little one is starting to get unhappy, we stop the photo shoot and attend to the baby. Once the baby is comfortable and happy, we will continue with the photo shoot. Also, a baby can sense very quickly when the parents are stressed and this will cause the baby to also become unhappy and unsettled.