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The Benefits of Corporate Christmas and Holiday Season Electronic Greeting Cards (ecards)

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Just one of the many professionally designed Christmas and Holiday Season Digital Greeting Cards

With the South African Postal Service Strike now well past the 3 month mark and with no end in sight, sending traditional printed Christmas and Holiday season greeting cards to your customers this year might not be such a good idea.

On the other hand, sending electronic greeting cards to your customers, rather than the traditional method of sending cards have a great number of benefits.

The three most important advantages of making use of electronic greeting cards are that it saves you time; it is affordable and it is great for your company’s reputation and brand building.

With more and more companies moving to electronic communications rather than traditional postal services, it only requires you to set up an email with your electronic greeting card and then send it to your selected email lists. There is no time needed to write addresses on envelopes or stick on address labels or stamps. There is also no need to go to the Post Office to mail letters. With the South African Postal Services on strike, you will definitely not reach your customer base this year if you are going to send traditional printed Christmas or Holiday Season greeting cards.

From a cost saving perspective, firstly making use of electronic greeting cards shows that your company has entered the eco-friendly age, as you do not make use of printed cards, which saves the trees. It is also far cheaper to communicate via email than sending physical greeting cards, as email services are mostly free. Designing more than one electronic greeting card is far cheaper than printing a variety of cards to cover your customer base, i.e. for different language options or religious groups.

Lastly, sending electronic greeting cards is great for your company’s reputation. Choosing electronic greeting cards over the more traditional method of sending printed cards, shows that your company is forward thinking in using technology to your advantage. From a marketing perspective, you can also see when your customers have received and opened their greeting cards, and this would allow you to incorporate the sending of the electronic greeting card into a future or current marketing campaign.

To summarize, not only does the sending of electronic greeting cards save you time and money, it is also a great reputational and brand builder and is a great way of starting a new email marketing campaign.

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Launching Our New Unique Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

Our Latest Photo Book Designed Specifically For Mother's Day

Our Latest Photo Book Designed Specifically For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s day just a few weeks away on 11 May, we are happy to announce our new 10×10 photobook layout.

This layout is designed specifically to celebrate all the mothers in our lives. This clean design will be a huge hit with any mom.

Included in the photo book:

  • 20 single pages with plenty of place for photos
  • An awesome front cover design
  • 7 beautiful Word Art Quotes, specifically created for Mothers (These are non-editable, but there is plenty of place to include your own Word Art and messages)
  • Place for up to 50 images

We can create this photobook using your selection of your own images or you may schedule a photo shoot, either in-studio or on location to create a fresh set of images for the photo book.

If we use your own images, please remember that all images must be scanned in to a digital format. If you do not have such facilities, you may provide us with printed images and we will do the scanning for you. All images must be of high-resolution quality; else the printed quality may be sub-standard.

We also provide image restoration services for any of your very old images that needs a bit of a touch up or even serious repair to bring them back to their original quality.

For those who would rather have a completely new set of portrait images created, we can do either in-studio or on location photo shoot. You may choose any outdoor location you prefer or we would be more than happy to suggest a location to ensure an awesome outdoor photo shoot.

It is important that you book your photo shoot as early as possible, as places are limited. To ensure that the photo editing and creation of your photo book is done in time, we need approximately 3 to 4 weeks in total, including delivery of your photo book.

Don’t delay, secure your Mother’s Day photo book and/or Mother’s Day photo Shoot today, before all places have been taken up.

3 Reasons Why You Should Preserve Your Photos With Photo Books

wd800x800_mothers_day_cover edited Almost every household nowadays has at least one camera or smart device that is used for capturing those special moments on a regular basis, but once captured not many of those pictures ever see the light of day and those treasured pictures live on forever in the digital darkness on smart devices, computers and other digital storage devices. To ensure that those special pictures are not lost forever, but that they become part of your everyday life, preserving them using a photo book is certainly the best method of all.

With a professionally designed and created book, you can give those special moments the respect and care they deserve. A professionally designed book will bring those moments to life. Using this as a coffee table display and not hidden away in a dark place somewhere, the photo book will also ensure that those memories are always close by and available to look at and relive as often as you want.

Books have stood the test of time and have remained the same through all of the centuries. Technology on the other hand changes rapidly, almost on a daily basis and if not protected against this rapid technology change, your pictures may very quickly become obsolete, as your device has become outdated and thus those moments would be lost forever. Placing your photographs in a book will not only ensure that they are close by for you to view on a daily basis, but they will also be available for generations to come.

With all the great designs available you can design your photo book to suit your needs. The design of your photo book is only limited to your own imagination and creativity. The internet is an endless source of design suggestions, which can be used as a starting point to create your own personally designed one of a kind photo book. The photo book design can reflect a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday, a special day such as mother’s day or be used to tell your specific story such as the first year of your precious baby. Every layout and design is elegant and stylish and is great to place on a coffee table for everyone to look at. Photo books are also awesome gift ideas, ensure a gift that lasts a lifetime.

In conclusion, show case of your special moments using a professionally designed book, to relive those special memories and to tell your story.

Contact us today for your professionally designed photo book. Visit our website, for more information on photo books and other photo related products and services.