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The Benefits of Corporate Christmas and Holiday Season Electronic Greeting Cards (ecards)

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With the South African Postal Service Strike now well past the 3 month mark and with no end in sight, sending traditional printed Christmas and Holiday season greeting cards to your customers this year might not be such a good idea.

On the other hand, sending electronic greeting cards to your customers, rather than the traditional method of sending cards have a great number of benefits.

The three most important advantages of making use of electronic greeting cards are that it saves you time; it is affordable and it is great for your company’s reputation and brand building.

With more and more companies moving to electronic communications rather than traditional postal services, it only requires you to set up an email with your electronic greeting card and then send it to your selected email lists. There is no time needed to write addresses on envelopes or stick on address labels or stamps. There is also no need to go to the Post Office to mail letters. With the South African Postal Services on strike, you will definitely not reach your customer base this year if you are going to send traditional printed Christmas or Holiday Season greeting cards.

From a cost saving perspective, firstly making use of electronic greeting cards shows that your company has entered the eco-friendly age, as you do not make use of printed cards, which saves the trees. It is also far cheaper to communicate via email than sending physical greeting cards, as email services are mostly free. Designing more than one electronic greeting card is far cheaper than printing a variety of cards to cover your customer base, i.e. for different language options or religious groups.

Lastly, sending electronic greeting cards is great for your company’s reputation. Choosing electronic greeting cards over the more traditional method of sending printed cards, shows that your company is forward thinking in using technology to your advantage. From a marketing perspective, you can also see when your customers have received and opened their greeting cards, and this would allow you to incorporate the sending of the electronic greeting card into a future or current marketing campaign.

To summarize, not only does the sending of electronic greeting cards save you time and money, it is also a great reputational and brand builder and is a great way of starting a new email marketing campaign.

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