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What to do on the day of your Matric Farewell photo shoot

What to do on the day of your Matric Farewell portrait photo shoot

What to do on the day of your Matric Farewell portrait photo shoot

By now the outfit is ready, the accessories have been picked. The date is not far away anymore and you are really looking forward to this once in a lifetime party.

But have you given a thought about the photographs of the day yet? Continuing on from my first article, How to prepare for your Matric Farewell photo shoot, herewith a few tips for the actual day of the photo shoot.

1.       A good night’s sleep. It is important that you get a good night’s sleep the night before your photo shoot to make sure you are refreshed on the day.

2.       Plan your day. Plan your day beforehand to ensure you have enough time to get ready before your photo shoot.

3.       Small things do matter. Check all the small things such as facial hair, nails, lips etc. Your hands are definitely going to feature somewhere in the photo shoot, so make sure your nails are perfect.

4.       Accessories.  Make sure that you have all your accessories ready the day before. Missing something on the day will just add to stress, which you don’t need, it is a day to enjoy. Guys, check that your shoes are clean, dusty or dirty shoes don’t make for interesting photographs.

5.       Final check. Just before you leave for the photo shoot or before the photographer arrives, double check in the mirror or asks a family member or friend to check that everything is in place and the make-up etc is looking great.

6.       Gather ideas. It is a great idea to look on the internet or in magazines on poses for photographs. This could give you an idea of what you would like from your photo shoot on the day.

7.       Practice makes perfect. In the week leading up to the photo shoot and especially on the day, practice your poses and remember to smile naturally. That cheesy smile in photographs is one of the biggest no-no’s.

8.       Most important. Enjoy your day. It only happens once, so make sure you enjoy the day and especially the photo shoot. It will make for far greater portrait photographs if you are relaxed and enjoying it.

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